Safe Harvest Urad Dal 1Kg

  • Description Safe Harvest’s Urad Dal is high in protein, vitamins, minerals and fibre content and is the healthy and safe alternative that you have been looking for. After being ethically procured from the fields of smallholder farmers of Aruppukkottai in Tamil Nadu, our Urad Dal has been minimally processed, safely stored and hygienically packed at our processing centres. Urad dal has been known to improve digestion, boost bone density and adds crucial protein to a balanced diet. A perfect South Indian breakfast platter with idlis, dosas and vadas with our urad dal would brighten up your mornings. For your evening snack cravings, our urad dal would be optimal to make tasty pakodas which will be a certain hit with your friends and family. While you make enticing dishes with our urad dal, we at Safe Harvest will ensure that no compromises are made on the quality and safety of the product.