Namdhari Organic Ground Nut Oil 3 Ltr

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  • Description About : Thoughtful presents 100% Organic Cold pressed Groundnut oil extracted from Purely Organic Groundnut. With no use of pesticides or chemicals right from the cultivation of seeds to the extraction of oils, we ensure you get purest groundnut oil in every bottle. It is a versatile cooking oil with a natural flavour and can be used to prepare healthy and delicious dishes at your own kitchen. Switch to an organic lifestyle with Thoughtful Organic Groundnut oil and give your family the gift of health. It is 100% natural, chemical & pesticides free. Benefits : Groundnut oil is a good source of vitamin E, antioxidants, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that is heart-healthy and may help in maintaining good health. How to Use : Thoughtful Organic Cooking oils have a high smoking point and can be used for sauteing, grilling, baking and deep-frying. This 3 litres super value pack is great for your health & pocket.